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Google SpreadSheet Library for Android

You might have already tried using Google's GData Lib to access SpreadSheet from Android, and after few hours of try, you start Google for any alternate solution. I have also spent number of hours without any solution. So, I have developed SpreadSheet client Lib [ works on Android :-) ] and ideally work on any Java platform- Latest version: 2.1 (Added support for List Feed. Please visit above link to get more info.) Supported Features: 1. Create/Delete Spreadsheet 2. List all stored Spreadsheets 3. Add/Delete WorkSheet into/from a given SpreadSheet 4. List all Worksheets of a given Spreadsheet 5. Add Records into WorkSheet/SpreadSheet (It supports Table based record handling) 6. Retrieve Record from WorkSheet/SpreadSheet ( Structured Query support) 7. Retrieve Record as List Feed from Worksheet 8. Update/Delete Records 9. Share ShreadSheet with user/group/domain. 10. Conditional data retrieval-

Phone Away Widget

This Android widget will allow users to set their status and auto-response of phone calls. So, next time you are having dinner or doing anything much more interesting than attaining a call :-), you can use this widget to auto reply with an SMS message without disappointing or keep your caller guessing for your unanswered call. Supported Platform Android 2.1 and above. How to use ? 1. Download PhoneAwayWidget.apk and add the widget on your Home screen. By default it will set you status "Available", which means your phone will behave as it is. 2. When you don't want to attain call and set status message, click on the widget, which in turn will launch the preference screen. 3. So if you set your status, next time call comes, it will auto-response with SMS message. You can define the mximum number of SMS auto-response, e.g. Max SMS Count = 10 means, for first 10 calls it will send SMS and rest of the calls it will just disconnect. Please update me with your co