Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Live" Sea food for dinner....

Few days back I was attaining Team dinner with my Korean team mates and As the blog title says, I guess you guys have already imagined the kind of thrilling experience I might have.
We went to a famous Korean restaurant which serves "Live" Sea creatures (Yes better to use "Creature" word, as it includes I guess almost every living things of sea- Snails, Oyster, Crabs, Squid, Lobster and so on...) and cook them in-front of you.

They bring a large bowl which contains all these creatures, I guess the only spice to this is some kind of Red Chilly powder and "Water". They start the fire and put the bowl on top of it. After few minutes, one waiter comes and cuts these creatures so that they mix/cook well. I must say, the waiter is pretty skillful, she is so good in pulling/picking meats from Oyster, Snails, Squid etc. and it was so fast...simply Amazing..

As I belong from a small town in India with a proximity to a big river, I'm quite comfortable/familiar and love Fish or any "animals" of Water. So, this collection of sea food was pretty delicious, specially the Crab and Lobster.

While me and my team mates were enjoying the delicacy of this restaurant, some more surprise was waiting for us. One of the waiter brought one Live Octopus, cut its arms and serve to each of us. I have seen many videos on YouTube which suggest that its pretty dangerous, as the suckers of Octopus' arms are really powerful and it might chock throats. But even though I tried to resist, my Korean team mates insisted and I thought it deserves a eat that Live Octopus tastes salty...and I guess I'll never try it again :-)

It was really something I never tried before and whole eating experience was a thrill. Thanks to my Korean team mates for arranging the dinner.