Monday, July 12, 2010

A day at Suwon World Cup Stadium

A nice, relaxing Sunday evening at Suwon World Cup Stadium (after a painful and irritating throat pain and a mild cold on Friday n Saturday). Watched a friendly match- Suwon Samsung Bluewings F.C. Vs. Japan based Urawa Red Diamonds.
I guess I need not to mention, Suwon World Cup stadium, was one of the prime venues for World Cup 2002. It’s really amazing to watch the way Korean people cheer up their home team. Though there was a small bunch of supporter for the Japanese team as well. Unfortunately I was accompanied by a group of friends who were more interested in singing, having photo session and playing Antakshari (an Indian Musical Game) rather than what is going on in 90 mins. But I enjoyed their company very much :-) and it was a bit refreshing as both the sides failed to score any goal.  
There were multiple attempts from both the sides, but finally they didn’t disturb the score line and kept it a perfect friendly match (no win-loss pain). I enjoyed the moves of Urawa, they have couple of very sharp mid-fielders.

Throughout the match, I was wondering…. why Indian footballers don’t try for Clubes in Korea and Japan. It would be much easier and competitive rather than European and North American clubs, who has edge over their Strength and Physic. These guys don’t have that huge physics and mainly concentrate on speed and sharpness. Sunil Chhetri is now in Kansas City Wizards and struggling, Subrata Paul and Gurmang Singh had failed attempts in Canada and Australia respectively. After watching Nehru Cup final, I have strong believe that with proper approach and facilities, present Indian Football team can match up with these Asian football standard. Things are improving and I guess its all about time...
Being a passionate Indian Football supporter :-) , I really have a strong wish, that in my life time, Indian Football team play the World Cup! Before signing off, I shouldn't forget to mention a nice portal to get updates on Indian Football- SportsKeeda  

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  1. Anatkshari in a world cup stadium....... x-( :-(