Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend at Yeouido (Han River Cruise)

Yeouido is one of the Han River Cruise boarding points. It has a wonderful river side park (Yeouido Park or Han River Public Park) an ideal place to spend your weekend.
How to reach (from Suwon through Subway)-
  • Line 1 (Suwon to Singil)
  • Change to Line 9 from Singil
  • Line 9 (Singil to Yeouinaru)
What I can do in Yeouido-
  • Han River Cruise
  • Yeouido Park- you can rent bicycles to roam around.
  • 63 Building (Wax Museum, Aquarium and Food court)

From Yeouinero subway station take Exit 3, and you get the wonderful Yeouido Park in front of you. Apart from the Cruise and the River side Park, you will also find a golden color building (Building 63) within walking distance. It houses a Wax Museum, Aquarium and a good food court.
To get the best out of your cruise, it is always good to have the cruise in the evening (probably you should take 7:30PM one). You get to see the best possible nature around the bank of the river and also get the feel of musical fountain which starts only after it gets dark. So I would suggest you should book the Cruise for 7:30-8 PM slot.
Best part of the Cruise is definitely the Banpo Bridge and its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain  
I shouldn’t forget to mention one KFC just next to the Cruise ticket counter. It’s Chicken burgers are yummy....:-)
1 Adult (Round Trip)- 15000 Won  (for Cruise at 7:30 PM)
How to return back- Subway Line 9 (Yeouinaru-Singil) and then Subway Line 1 (Singil-Suwon)


  1. You visited Korea. I'm korean. I'm glad to see your article and found article about Korea.

  2. @Tori: thanks for your comment. I really liked the place :-)