Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blackberry backup Parser

I have published this extractor to help people to develop both open source and commercial solution which involves reading Blackberry backup extraction. This extractor retrieves BB phone backups (Contacts and SMS) into CSV file. Share your comments, feedback and Questions, I'm listening :-)

To download the binary and source, please access-


  1. Hello! Off-topic question,if you can help me:
    I heard i can interact with a google spreadsheet in Android,programatically, if i use the Google Spreadsheet API. I saw the tutorial,they explain it well, but where do i actually get the API from ? i can't see it anywhere for download.. i would be grateful if you can give me link...thank you

  2. Google's GData API doesn't work for android and there are limitations. You can try-

  3. thank you! i have downloaded and i am into your lib now. I am trying to getAllSpreadSheets() but it returns null (I have put my email address and password correctly); is there any other thing i have to do?
    Also, I would like to know if I have to put these operations in a separate thread , from the main activity (is it blocking?)

  4. Again I have to ask you a question (the previous problem was because I didn't declare the permissions in manifest). I am trying to get the content of a worksheet (where previously I inserted information), and the HashMap corresponding to each record's data comes back with empty key-set,and I can't retrieve any value for the rows... I did as in your sample but it doesn't work..

  5. hello Prashant

    I am unable to find the csv files created in the process
    where arethese placed on the c drive

    please reply

  6. Yogen, it will be placed at the same directory from where you executed the Tool (unless there is some error in parsing or file creation)


  7. Hi
    I get following exception at the end after running the program:
    _Remaining Bytes to read: 0
    Parse Contact Details....
    at com.pras.IPDParser.parseContactDetails(
    at com.pras.IPDParser.parse(
    at com.pras.Main.parseIPD(
    at com.pras.Main.main(

    Press any key to continue . . .

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !

  8. I also get NegativeArraySizeException just like Anonymous got! Any help will be appreciated!