Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Image Geo Tagging for Android

"onMap" is an Image Geo Tagging application, which can read EXIF header of images stored in your Android device and Map them over Google Map. So if you enabled the GPS feature while capturing images from your Android device, you can use this application to Map them based on their Geographic position.

As you can see above screen shot, I have a set of images captured at 4 different positions and I have mapped them on Google Map. Each Map pin will display the count of images stored at that position. If you click on the Pin, it will display a Popup with maximum of 3 thumbnail images. If you Click on the Popup, it will display all images in a Gallery.

This is just a sample application with limited functionality. So if anyone wants to get a customize version of it, please feel free to contact me.

1. OnMap.apk
2. Source Code

Reference Sites:
Google Map handling in Android
Invoke Gallery from your Application


  1. The download link is not working , could you please provide me with new download link for the apk and the source code...Thanks

  2. Paul, do you have the source code ?

  3. Could you please provide me the source code.. thanks

  4. the dowload and the apk is not working???